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Proactive Special Security Services, Inc.

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About Us

Patrick Callahan Jr. started Proactive Special Security Services, Inc. to provide a new approach to security. Most security companies react to problems after they arise. Many firms carry the same equipment that police departments use when responding to crimes, including firearms, handcuffs, and mace. As a former police officer, Mr. Callahan knew there was a better way. He founded his security firm on the belief that a security guard's job is to proactively prevent problems. This proactive approach achieves better results while saving money and reducing risks. When the need arises, our highly trained officers can handle any situation, but our goal is always to prevent problems from occurring.

A Reputation for Excellence

At Proactive Special Security Services, Inc., we are proud of our reputation. We are fully insured, and we have remained in good standing with Maryland, Ohio, and federal tax agencies since the company was founded in 1996. Our owner is active in the day-to-day operations of the business, and he ensures that every member of the team is committed to upholding the high standards that we are known for. We treat our employees as family members, and we give every client the respect and attention they deserve.